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presse und stimmen / press and voices

Article about my work in Lebanon 2022

stage organized by Beirut Physical Lab supported by the

Embassy of Switzerland to Lebanon and Syria

"Je planterai un jardin pour les danseurs libanais"

L'Orient le jour by Danielle Mallat

New article online
"Tanz, meine Liebe" von Claudia Herzog

Millefolia - Das Schweizer Newsportal für Komplementärmedizin

To the article

Ensemble no. 94 - October 2016
magazine of the swiss stage artist association
article about my work with dancers and actors in Palestine


Stimme eines Zuschauers Tribal Remix Festival in Brighton UK, Mai 2013

​..."I found your performances in the show awe-inspiring; making such an impact that I felt it was a great privilege to see them. Its difficult to find the right words, but for me they were many things: atmospheric, evocative, challenging, emotional - and exceptionally creative and innovative in terms of your use of movement, music, silence and light...I was also astonished by your agility. I don't think I've ever seen anyone move so fast whilst remaining graceful and controlled..."

Stimme der Workshop Teilnehmerin und Zuschauerin Maureen Theresa des Tribal Remix Festivals in Brightion UK, Mai 2013

..."Mirjam Sutter is a very visceral dancer. Very physical. Dark even. The Dice Player (Trio Joubran) implies an awful fate in store by one toss of a dice were easily read. This song spelt danger, full stop. You could feel those punches (physical or emotional), you were frightened for the dancer-character. Not only this, I admired the fusion of contemporary with her oriental dance. They looked as if they belong together. The strenght in terms of floor work is powerful and deserves huge respect. This dancer had so much energy- it's jaw dropping."


Kritik der britschen Tänzerin "Darkstar" anlässlich des Festivals "Bellyfusions" in Paris 2013

..." Every artists routine in the show was polished and well thought out but my particular highlights had to be, ....
and Mirjam Sutter as I have never seen anyone finish a piece by divinig in the air, landing on the floor and rolling off the stage into the wings, that was quite an ending!...

 Kritik der Tänzerin Mihrimah Ghaziya über das Festival Bellyfusions 2011, Paris:

"...One perfomer stood clearly out for me: Mirjam Sutter performed a fusion of oriental and modern dance with such an inner power that it really went into my soul and eye..."

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